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2 min readMay 13, 2021

Mark Cuban: DeFi, Not Robinhood, Gives Money Back to Users

In a tweet thread on GameStop, Robinhood, and short selling, Mark Cuban made the case for Decentralized Finance.

“Mark Cuban is a billionaire investor.

He pointed out that Robinhood is making money off of fees from short selling.

By contrast, in DeFi protocols, that money would be expected to be distributed to users” —

BitcoinDeFi offers investors a unique DeFi model (designed by the BitcoinDeFi team) that runs on Bitcoin’s original Blockchain.

Peer’s contribution has existed for a long time among the community and is now provided with a blockchain platform for sustainable operation management and easily extended. Mutual actions that are strongly encouraged with BTCDeFi rewards will further promote the activity.

This mechanism is like a machine that is driven by 2 powerful engines:

- The first engine: Benefit from peer-to-peer mutual fund activities between Contributor and Recipient.

- The second engine: BTCDeFi rewards that are intended to encourage mutual coordination.

Bean is pleased to see traditional investors catching on. “It’s super exciting that defi and crypto is going mainstream and getting promoted by people like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. Non-crypto people are learning of the advantages of using crypto and defi.” —

BitcoinDeFi is deploying the technical system follow roadmap:

Quarter 1/2021

- Complete:

Web, Dashboard, System logic.

- Develop:

Bitcoin core + FastKitten core + BitcoinDeFi algorithm.

Wallet (cold + hot), Staking Node Wallet, Exchange Wallet.

Contributors community building up.

The community has now participated in promoting the project. Thank you for taking action. One for all, all for one.

Thank you,

BitcoinDeFi Team

One for all, all for one.