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Big milestones update,
Big JUNE for serial Big Milestones event,

Dear BitcoinDeFi family,

Big JUNE, we BitcoinDeFiant have together implemented a series of Big Milestones pushing the project forward strongly according to the roadmap.

BitcoinDeFi core team would like to say Big Thanks to each member of the BitcoinDeFi powerful community.

End of June, end of the 2nd Quater, BitcoinDeFi achieved a series of Big Milestones. We have the right to be proud of the achievements that we have worked together to achieve.

Sixth Halving :

BTCDF minting difficulty doubles corresponding to double minting rate from 3.2USDT/BTCDF to 6.4USDT/BTCDF.

As we all know, for every 500,000 BTCDF new-minted, it means that the total amount of new community contribution cash flowing in, flowing through the Nodes have doubled compared to the total cumulative cash flow before. Let’s take a look at the time figures between halvings.

  • $0.2: 2021/02/10

In the beginning, when BTCDF minting difficulty was relatively low, corresponding to a low minting rate, we saw up to 3 consecutive halvings in just February.

This development is similar. The first time Bitcoin Blockchain was launched, 2009, the mining difficulty was low, with only an average PC configuration, miners could dig out hundreds and thousands of BTC/Day.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th halving difficulty of BTCDF minting increased, we have seen the time between periods increase with the corresponding time points of 30 days, 31 days, 47 days.

So to mint the same block of 500,000 BTCDF, the later the difficulty increases, the human, material, financial, and time resources that the entire community have to spend double after each block, so The supply of BTCDF to the market is more and more restrained later on.

Every time the total cash flow of mutual contributions to the community doubles, BitcoinDeFi’s community coverage has doubled, the Node network size has also doubled.

June, we saw the huge growth of the BitcoinDeFi community making it more and more popular on the Crypto Market.

(Total Value Locked)
Crossing the milestone $19.2 Millions
(3M BTCDF x $6.4 = $19.2 M)

As you know, to protect the rights and integrity of the value of the Staking Node Owner, Node-Locked is the default feature. Therefore, most of the total BTCDF minted is also approximately the total BTCDF locked in Node. So, BTCDF’s TVL at the moment is almost equivalent to BTCDF’s Total Market Cap.

BTCDF Total Market Cap:
$19.2M — 5 months after launch.

Congratulations to the BitcoinDeFi community!

2021 June Affiliate Reward Ceremony

The BitcoinDeFi Policy Suite has Volume Bonus provisions to encourage market expansion through effective TEAMWORK activities.

BitcoinDeFi has announced the bonus levels and conditions included in the official release documents in the past.

Reward Ranks

  • B1. 2% Monthly Revenue

300.000 USDT, we’ve paid 2021 June Affiliate Reward.

Congratulations to the Pioneer Leaders!

Thank you for your hard work and keep growing stronger and stronger than ever follow BitcoinDeFiant Spirits — One For All, All For One.

Affiliate Rewards will be awarded monthly on the last day of the month. Node Owners sales figures and associated conditions will be closed on the 25th of every month.

Any sales data of Node Owners from the previous month will not be added to the next month to calculate and compare bonus conditions.

2021/07/01- BTCDF First listing on BitcoinDeFi Exchange launching day

Today, we are pleased to announce that BitcoinDeFi Exchange officially launches the community of traders.

You can open an account and trade now.

Good news after good news, BTCDF has also been First Time Listing on BitcoinDeFi Exchange. For starters, the trading pairs are listed.


Hereafter, feature upgrades will be updated step by step.

BitcoinDeFi Exchange will continue to expand Trading Pairs.

BitcoinDeFi Exchange, to expand liquidity, will continue to support top-cap Stablecoins such as Binance USD, USDC. BitcoinDeFi Exchange will also support the VNDC stable coin popularly used by the Vietnamese traders’ community.

Affiliate Incentive policies and tools will be announced soon to encourage attracting traders.

Preferential policies for the earliest registered and active accounts will be announced shortly.

The outstanding advantages of BitcoinDeFi Exchange:

  • Ensure smooth processing of tens of thousands of commands per second.


All of the 2nd Quater Milestone in the plan to develop technology platform, products and services are implemented by BitcoinDeFi core team, completed exactly according to Roadmap.

Unique 3-layer DeFi architecture, taking the benefits of BTCDF Hodlers as the center:

  • Designing a Game Theory application decision-making mechanism based on Incentive Mechanism,

The win-win-win effect that the faithful BitcoinDeFi model is aiming for has been proven in 5 months of operation.

DeFi First Layer,
The spreading speed is getting faster and stronger for the Community Financial Mutual Cycle. This is DeFi Layer 1, also the Core Mechanism of the BitcoinDeFi model, the guiding principle and spirit of the BitcoinDeFi community, One for all, all for one.

DeFi Second Layer,
The scenario of Supply — Demand correlation for BTCDF has formed a positive trend as expected, BTCDF circulating supply is getting scarcer, Demand is expanding.

The beneficial supply-demand correlation for the BTCDF market potential is formed thanks to the Halving mechanism and the community voluntarily adheres to the principle of locking — releasing Staking Node. Once again the BitcoinDeFi spirit goes on… One for all, all for one.

DeFi Third Layer,
Starting to be built with Polkadot thinking, BitcoinDeFi innovation. The core is located on Bitcoin’s blockchain infrastructure, a series of centipede modules are implanted in a series of the best DeFi support chains such as BSC, Polkadot, Solana, Cardano, Chainlink…etc.
BitcoinDeFi, DeFi Third Layer is all the popular, trending and successful DeFi features over the past year in the Global Crypto Market.
DEX is central to building DeFi feature modules around, that is Farming, AMM, Insurence, Crowdloan…etc…

Dear BitcoinDeFiant,
The Second Quater with Big JUNE has closed with a series of important, valuable, proud milestones for all of us, BitcoinDeFiant.

The Third Quater opens with clear opportunities for BitcoinDeFi and a series of tasks and milestones on the development roadmap that we will overcome with the creative efforts of BitcoinDeFiants.

Thanks and Congratulations!

BitcoinDeFi team,
One for all, all for one

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